Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition Posted Double-Digit Growth in 2017

DCDC’s Customer Base Expands to more than 250 Independent, Small- & Medium-Sized Exhibitors & 50 Content Providers, including All Top Theater Circuits & Major Studios

Los Angeles, CA – April 18, 2018 – Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC) today announced new record levels of exhibitors, content providers, feature releases and events amid more double-digit growth in 2017.

The industry-changing North American theatrical content distribution company, founded by AMC Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, Regal Entertainment Group (now owned by Cineworld plc), Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment, has seen its customer base expand to more than 250 independent, small- and medium-sized exhibitors and 50 content providers, including all of the top theater circuits and major studios.

DCDC has delivered over 1,000 features (including 163 versions) and more than 150 events and special content to theaters totaling over 1 million deliveries since its launch in 2013 through 2017. Of particular interest is the increase DCDC has experienced in events: 750% since its first year of operation. DCDC has also delivered 735,000 trailers over this same period.

Transponder usage has accordingly almost doubled as a result of the increased volume of content.

Randy Blotky, CEO of DCDC, said, “These numbers reflect the fulfillment of our initial pledge to not only protect the integrity of the content, but to also create a pioneering business model – one designed to accrue economic benefits equally to all, be realistic to achieve and compelling to both our exhibitor and content provider customers.”

DCDC now has nearly 2,900 locations and over 31,800 screens under contract after seeing the number of theaters in its network leap by double digits in each of the past three years, up from nearly 1,300 sites at launch in October 2013. Its exhibitor customer base is now comprised of:

  • Founding Partners AMC (owned by Wanda), Cinemark and Regal (now owned by Cineworld), the three biggest circuits (with more than 1500 theaters combined)
  • The next 16 largest chains, each with 20-70 locations
  • 23 intermediate exhibition companies operating 10-19 sites
  • A collection of 97 small circuits running from two-nine theaters
  • And 113 independent exhibitors owning just one theatre each.

To accommodate the growth and prepare for further advancements in content delivery technology, DCDC has added staff and expanded to new Century City quarters this past year.

Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition Marks 4th Year of Operation with Promotions of 3 Executives, Rapid Exhibitor & Content Provider Growth

Operations Executives Darla Guenther and Diana Masuda Elevated to Vice Presidents; Maya Polimac Named Operations Executive; DCDC Surpasses 31,000 Screens, 2,800 Theater Sites & 240 Exhibitors as Content Providers Climb to 44

Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC), the transformative North American theatrical content distribution company founded as a true industry initiative by AMC Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, Regal Entertainment Group, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment, has marked its fourth year of operations with the promotions of three executives amid rapid exhibitor and content provider growth.

Randy Blotky, CEO of DCDC, today announced the promotions of Darla Guenther to VP Operations, Exhibitors, and Diane Masuda to VP Operations, Content Providers. After stints as DCDC’s Operations Executives since 2014, which began with each of them having overlapping responsibilities, their responsibilities have now evolved to where they each lead their respective areas of endeavor.

“Darla and Diane are very deserving of these promotions, each having played such key roles in seamlessly building DCDC into the leading theatrical content distribution system in the U.S.,” Mr. Blotky said. “Their contributions are magnified given our small staff, yet in spite of that, we have achieved phenomenal growth across all key metrics. I know we will be in very good hands moving forward with Diane’s and Darla’s continuing leadership in their new positions.”

Additionally, Mr., Blotky announced that Maya Polimac has been promoted to Operations Executive, Exhibitors, reporting to Ms. Guenther. Ms. Polimac joined DCDC as an administrative assistant in 2016.

DCDC began operations in October 2013, offering transformative satellite and terrestrial distribution services. It initially launched with 7,000 screens at 1,200 venues contracted across the U.S. DCDC’s original customer base included The Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, Southern Theatres and National Amusements, in addition to the founding partner companies (noted above).

Today, the specially created network capable of supporting feature, promotional, pre-show and live content distribution into theaters has seen more than a four-fold increase in the number of screens, and has over twice as many theater sites contracted. The tally, a record, now stands at 31,000-plus theater screens in the U.S., spanning over 2,800 theater sites operated by more than 240 exhibitors. Since its inception, the venture has made more than 1 million successful deliveries of features, trailers and other content to its exhibitor customers from its 44 content providers, including all the major studios and other leading providers.

In the 16 years prior to joining DCDC, Ms. Guenther managed operations and planning functions to provide digitized home entertainment content from major studios and independent production companies to retail, cable and online platforms.Ms. Guenther previously served as Executive Director of Operations for Warner Bros.’ digital production and broadcast facility, Global Digital Media Xchange, Inc. There, she achieved many industry firsts with the successful launches of digital entertainment formats including DVD, Blu-ray, MOD, VOD, EST and the Digital End-to-End (DETE) content workflow and distribution system developed by Warner Bros. Technical Operations. Her responsibilities included managing production services teams encompassing encoding, multimedia programming, scheduling, quality control and content delivery via fiber and satellite.She received her BA degree from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University in the Television-Radio-Film program and an MFA from the University of Southern California, where she attended the Peter Stark Producing Program at the School of Cinematic Arts.
Ms. Masuda joined DCDC after having previously managed content distribution via satellite and fiber at Warner Bros. and Deluxe. With extensive experience in broadcast transmission, production and customer relations management, she was responsible for creating the broadcast customer services department for Warner Bros. Technical Operations via the Global Digital Media Xchange.Additionally, Ms. Masuda served as broadcast project lead for the development and launch of a new distribution platform, Pitch Blue, a joint venture between Warner Bros., Deluxe and CBS that now reaches more than 1,500 television stations.A graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, with a BA degree in Liberal Arts, Ms. Masuda continues to serve the university as a volunteer for the UCLA Athletics Development Department.

Prior to DCDC, Ms. Polimac served as an executive accounts manager at Warner Bros.’ Global Digital Media Xchange, where she was responsible for managing DVD, Blu-ray and other digital and physical product deliverables for 1,000-plus products, among other responsibilities.

Earlier, from 2006-14, she served as the lead scheduler for the Xchange after having begun her career in 2004 as a production supervisor for ZOO Digital Group (SCOPE SEVEN). A 2003 graduate of the USC Marshall School of Business, Ms. Polimac earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition Surpasses 30,000 U.S. Theater Screens Amid Record Growth

Contracts With New Exhibitor Customers Result in Another
Major Milestone for Transformative Content Distribution Organization

Los Angeles, CA – March 23, 2017Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC), the transformative North American theatrical content distribution company founded as a true industry initiative by AMC Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, Regal Entertainment Group, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment, today announced that it now has under contract more than 30,000 theater screens in the United States (in the more than 2,650 theatre sites belonging to the 179 Exhibitors it has under contract).

This milestone follows another record-setting year of across-the-board growth in all key exhibitor and content delivery categories. Additionally, DCDC reported that since its inception in October 2013, the Company has made more than 1,000,000 successful deliveries of features, trailers, and other content to its exhibitor customers from its 36 content provider customers (which includes all the major studios and other leading content providers). Continue reading

Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (‘DCDC’) Posts Major Across-the-Board Gains in Record-Setting 2nd Year

Surge for Industry’s Pioneering & Largest Digital Delivery Network
Includes Screens, Exhibitors, Content Providers, Film Deliveries and Special Events

Los Angeles, CA, April 11, 2016 – Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (“DCDC”), the transformative North American theatrical content distribution organization founded by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Regal Entertainment Group, Cinemark Theatres and AMC Theatres, today announced posting major across-the-board gains in all key categories during its second full year of operation. Additionally, DCDC reported it had made nearly 400,000 deliveries of features and other content, including live and pre-recorded events, to theaters nationwide through December 2015.

“The rapid year-to-year growth we see heading into CinemaCon can be directly attributed to the revolutionary business plan our exhibitor and studio founders have created for the entire industry,” said DCDC CEO Randy Blotky. “By combining the most sophisticated and efficient digital delivery technologies with a pioneering, low-cost economic model, we have built a platform capable of delivering massive volumes of feature films and other content to theaters, opening up a whole new world of opportunities limited only by our customers’ imaginations.” Continue reading

Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (‘DCDC’) Poised To Surpass 32,000 Screens in 2018 As its Rollout of the DCDC Network Accelerates

New Exhibitor & Distributor Customer Growth Comes as DCDC’s
Next-Generation Technology Transforms Theatres into a Network

Los Angeles, CA, Aug. 6, 2015 – Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (“DCDC”), Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (“DCDC”), the transformative North American theatrical content distribution organization founded by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Regal Entertainment Group, Cinemark Theatres and AMC Theatres, today announced it is accelerating the rollout of its network and will surpass 32,000 screens in more than 3000 theatre locations in 2018.

Rapid exhibitor and distributor customer growth since DCDC’s October 2013 launch comes as the specially created North American network, comprised of next-generation satellite and terrestrial distribution technologies, succeeds in transforming theatres into nodes on a network that can be programmed for various audiences. Continue reading

Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC) to Debut Transformative Live-Streaming Technology at CinemaCon Offering Simultaneous Streams of Two Live HD Events into Unlimited Theatrical Auditoriums

New Live-Streaming Technology Comes Amid Rapid Expansion as DCDC
Surpasses 24,000 Screens Across 2,000-Plus Theatre Sites Under Contract,
Accounting For Nearly Two-Thirds of All U.S. Digital Screens in Its First 18 Months

Las Vegas, NV, April 20, 2015 – Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC), the transformative North American theatrical content distribution organization founded by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Regal Entertainment Group, Cinemark Theatres and AMC Theatres, today announced a high-quality live-streaming technology solution which will be unveiled at this week’s CinemaCon convention.

The new system is designed to allow the DCDC KenCast catch server to stream live content into an unlimited number of auditoriums from two simultaneous real-time 1080p-HD event feeds. Further, the catch server also allows two additional pre-recorded events (encores) to stream in parallel with live content, allowing exhibitors the flexibility to book up to four events simultaneously to an unlimited number of auditoriums. Discussions are underway with manufacturers to provide DCDC’s exhibitor customers with preferred pricing for the decoders required by some exhibitors to convert the KenCast’s IP stream into digital video for their screen servers and digital projectors. Continue reading

Carmike Cinemas, Marcus Theatres and Wehrenberg Theatres Join Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition as Exhibitor Customers

DCDC Adds Nation’s Fourth- and Fifth-Largest Exhibitors, as well as
The Oldest and Largest Family-Owned Movie Theatre Chain, to Expand
Its Reach to over 21,000 Screens Across more than 1,800 Sites

Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 10, 2014 – Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition today announced the nation’s fourth- and fifth-largest theatre chains, Carmike Cinemas, Inc. (NASDAQ: CKEC) and Marcus Theatres®, a division of The Marcus Corporation (NYSE:MCS), respectively, and Wehrenberg Theatres have joined as its newest exhibitor customers.

Their entrance brings two more of the largest theatre exhibitors, as well as the oldest and largest family-owned theatre chain in the U.S., into the rapidly expanding DCDC, founded by leading exhibitors AMC Theatres, Cinemark Theatres and Regal Entertainment, and major studios Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures.  DCDC launched in October 2013 with 17,000 screens across more than 1,200 North American theatre sites, most of which have already been satellite-enabled. Continue reading

Welcome Diane Masuda & Darla Guenther

DCDC GroupI am very proud to welcome the newest members of our team, Diane Masuda and Darla Guenther, to the Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition. Diane and Darla bring tremendous operational, broadcast transmission, production and customer relations management experience in the digital sphere to their new roles as Operations Executives. They are both seasoned, first-rate executives and will play a critical role in the rapid expansion of the DCDC.

Special delivery: DCDC network promises to revolutionize cinema content distribution

The Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (“DCDC”) was founded by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Regal Entertainment Group, Cinemark and AMC Theatres to benefit the entire entertainment industry by enabling the digital delivery of movies and other forms of entertainment product to North American theatres in a highly efficient, cost-effective manner.

These five partners must be given a lot of credit for coming together as they have to create the DCDC Network. The Hollywood studios and the exhibition community have not always seen eye-to-eye on the key issues facing the entertainment industry. However, in this case the two studios and three exhibitor partners were able to successfully engage with one another in the incredibly complex work of envisioning what the network should look like; designing the network to accommodate both technological and business constraints; and creating an economic model that would be both realistic to achieve and compelling to potential content provider and exhibitor customers.

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